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Blood Rites

Blood Rites  - James Marsters, Jim Butcher Dear Jim Butcher and Everyone Who Looks Like Jim Butcher:

So apparently if men like motorcycles (and a great many do), it's because motorcycles are awesome. If women like them, it's because women have a space between their legs that needs filling. Got it. Thanks.

The Bitter Redhead

As you can see, this book got four stars from me. That's how you know how good the dialogue, pacing, plotting, characterization, and world-building are. If Jim Butcher would stop doing stupid things with women, he'd be getting five stars from me consistently.

Instead, he does – well, the abovementioned motorcycle incident. ("You're right, Harry – it is like a vibrator!" a female cop cries after apparently climaxing on the vehicle in question.) And he has a female cop really enjoying it when, in the middle of an extremely tense rescue operation, a man she barely knows, and who pretended to be a big fat sexist pig when they first met, has to remove her blue jeans so she doesn't set off any alarms. ("It just felt so good to have a strong man touching me." Oh, PLEASE.)

But. Think about how righteously hacked off I sound, and then think about those four stars this book got anyway. And look at all the quotes I posted in my updates, especially the ones about the guy trying to pick out his porn-star name. And then go ahead and read this book.

Just don't read it first if you haven't started the Harry Dresden books yet. They are so much better if you read them in order.