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Summer Knight

Summer Knight  - James Marsters, Jim Butcher Oh, Mr. Dresden. Why must you be so awesome and yet so annoying?

I love this series, but I've learned I have to steel myself for the two cringetastic moments that occur regularly in the Harry Dresden novels.

1. Harry always makes some scathing remark about how tough his job is since people don't believe in the supernatural anymore. Because apparently this series is set in a society that's completely different from our own. Yes, I understand the world's a little different from our own in these books; but the author is asking me to believe that people have stopped being superstitious. Or maybe everybody I know suddenly stopped believing in ghosts, astrology, zombies, vampires, demon possession, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, telepathy, and/or the positive power of talking to plants, and they forgot to mention it to me.

2. Harry has to say something about "chivalry" or "helping damsels in distress" instead of just kicking ass and getting his damned job done, already. I mean, what century is it when your supernaturally powerful opponent is threatening not just your life but (kind of, long story) the whole damned world, and when you finally get a shot at her, you preface it with a statement about how you guess it wasn't very gentlemanly of you, but you really had to punch her?

The fact that I keep giving these books four stars means they manage to be amazing in spite of some serious button-pushing on these two fronts. The fact that they never quite earn five from me is because, well, see above.

I can't talk about pretty much any of the plot here, because all the stuff I want to discuss (including one thing that really bugged me) is serious spoiler-alert territory. If anyone feels like chatting, meet me in the comments section.

I will say this, though: Pizza saves the day.

P.S. Buffy's "Spike" narrates these audiobooks, but he doesn't bring his awesome fake British accent. You should listen to them anyway. He does great work.