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Emily Dickinson
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I Am Pusheen the Cat

I Am Pusheen the Cat - Claire Belton Holy cats, you guys. This book is freakin' adorable without being the least bit saccharine. This is NOT a "who's a little puddy-wuddy?" book. It's "I am here to show you how AWESOME cuteness can be."

The art is killer overwhelming cuteness, so really you should buy this book just to have it around to look at. But you should read it, too, because the humor can win anyone over. Anyone. That guy who writes The Oatmeal comic gave it an enthusiastic blurb, and he's not exactly Mr. Cutesy Sweetness And Light.

I'm trying to think of one of the sections I can jot down here to give you an idea of how appealing this book is, even aside from art so heart-stabbingly charming it will convince you to sign a petition to add a new category to the Nobel awards. Okay, here's one:

"Scary Stories For Your Cat.

Once upon a time...
There was a food bowl.
It was empty. [cue picture of horrified-looking cats gazing at foodless dish.]
The end.

Once upon a time...
There was a bathtub.
There were cats in it. [cue picture of horrified looking cats bobbing on bath-bubbles next to rubber duckie.]
The end.

[and last of all:]
Once upon a time...
There was a vacuum cleaner. [cue picture of tails of fleeing cats.]
The end."

My work here is done. Buy this book