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Ender's Game

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card Just started:

My son and I are reading this together. Can't say I'm loving it. I'm coolly admiring of the fact that in 1977 -- almost no personal computers, no Internet, no cordless phones (let alone cell), no email, no texting, I'm not sure we even had faxing technology yet -- Card had characters using what were basically iPads and sending texts.

But the writing is very macho. It's leaving me cold. I'm interested in finding out how the book ends, but other than that I'm not engaged.

Update on completion:

Just finished. The plot and characters became more compelling as the book went on, and the ending was well done, if a bit rushed. My son and I both want to go on and read Speaker for the Dead.

Sonny had some strong words to say about unconvincing dialogue -- at least so far as the kids were concerned, and kids make up the main cast of characters. I'm with him on that, especially the part where a girl says she doesn't feel up to a particular task because of her age. Perfectly acceptable sentiment, but how does she phrase it? "I can't do that. I don't even have a monthly period yet."

Dear Orson Scott Card: Women don't think about our periods like this! We have them (until we don't), we're aware of them, and sometimes we gripe about them, but they're not the center of our existence! Smoke a tampon and get over it!

Update, one week after finishing:

Started Speaker. Wasn't at all what we expected. Realized life is too short to torture ourselves with books we aren't enjoying. Sorry, Card fans. Just can't get into it.