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Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty  - Jim Butcher 6 Super-Quick, New-Year's-Eve-And-I-Have-To-Finish-This-Year's-Reading-Challenge Reasons I Finally Gave A Harry Dresden Novel Five Flippin' Stars

1. Harry eased way the heck up on the two things that always make me roll my eyes in Dresden File novels: the obligatory "People don't believe in the supernatural these days" speech (yeah, that happened), and the "Women are different from men and I'm a way nice guy for being extra-protective of women" scene.

2. I was genuinely spooked by one scene, and these books have never given me the chills before.

3. I said, "Whoa, I did NOT see that coming" at least twice for reasons of awesome.

4. Outstanding, borderline-egregious but still hy-larious use of movie quotes.

5. Terrific character development.

6. Expert placement of numerous Chekhov's guns (painted to blend into the scenery).

Let's hope this trend keeps up, shall we?

And happy New Year!