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Dead Beat

Dead Beat  - James Marsters, Jim Butcher If you've seen my reviews of previous Dresden Files novels, you pretty much already know what I think of this book. I'm worried I might start boring people because my adores and complaints don't change from novel to novel, and your eyes will start glazing over as I launch yet again into the usual blah blah awesome world-building blah blah laugh-out-loud snarky humor blah but DAMN could he stop being sexist and calling it chivalrous blah blah oh and please, people are not that skeptical when it comes to the supernatural blah blah AWESOME FIGHT SCENE blah oh, Harry, you drive me crazy but you're always worth it in the end.

So I'll just add that this is a series you really should try to read in order, because Butcher is terrific when it comes to past events coming back to haunt us in the present. This becomes clearer with every new Dresden book. Even well-intentioned actions and words are not without consequence, something I wish people in general and writers in particular would remember more often.

Also, even if you've read these books in print, do check out the audio editions, because James Marsters narrates and nobody is gay or straight enough to be able to resist his charms. (Okay, I admit I'm still waiting for confirmation from lesbians on this. I do already know straight guys who fan-girl all over his voice.)

Also also, "Butters" is apparently the surname of choice when it comes to making sure that everyone will know, before he says a word or does a thing, that a male character is not even a tiny bit "manly." First Southpark; now the Dresden Files. Which kind of makes me feel bad for all the real-world men surnamed Butters, but I also kind of think it's funny. Which I'm sure makes me bad.

Tl;dr: Read these books.