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Emily Dickinson
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Gone with the Wind
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Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking - Astrid Lindgren, Louis S. Glanzman, Florence Lamborn Yet another book that’s even more entertaining when you reread it as an adult. In fact, we need Pippi more than ever now. I did, anyway. At a time in my life when it’s too easy for me to feel cynical and angry pretty much nonstop, it was a relief to revisit Pippi’s humor, honesty, complex simplicity, strength, and wholehearted generosity.

There’s no mawkishness here, and no idealization of childhood or children. Astrid Lindgren simply manages to capture the joy that ought to be the birthright of every child – the conviction that every day holds the potential for adventure.

If you never read Pippi as a child, I highly recommend her for your grownup self. She will make you laugh; more importantly, she will make you smile.