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Emily Dickinson
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I Am Legend

I Am Legend - Richard Matheson This is a "last man in the world" story published in 1954, and it holds up very well. It cleverly combines a vampires-take-over-the-world plot line with post-World War II fears of an all-out nuclear holocaust. Also there are creepy dust storms and lots of bugs. The ending manages to be a genuine surprise without feeling as if it came out of left field, and explains the title so well I wanted to applaud.

Fun trivia fact: Matheson wrote the novel "The Shrinking Man," which was made into the movie "The Incredible Shrinking Man." That, too, is the story of an ordinary man caught in extraordinarily bad circumstances. I enjoy reading about the nuts and bolts of basic survival in such weirdness.

Anyway. Do not look for cheer here. Just a good solid read by a writer who influenced America's current crop of bestselling horror writers.