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Bossypants - Tina Fey Initially, I found this a little jumpy. I think that's fair. I mean, if you start your book with your birth and childhood, your reader may rightly assume she's reading a memoir or autobiography. And then it'll seem a little weird when your husband drops in out of the blue, as it were.

Which is what happens in Bossypants. One minute Fey is dating mostly gay guys, the next minute she's on her honeymoon cruise. I got the feeling I only heard that much about her marital status because she was dying to tell me about what a disaster said cruise turned out to be.

That's fine. (And the cruise stuff is pretty funny.) But it was a little startling to be hearing a lot of perfectly personal stuff one minute and then not hearing anything about something that, let's face it, is kind of public. (Getting married is announcing to the world that your relationship with someone is more than casual. You guys might have even passed first base.)

Also -- and I'm probably the only person in the entire world who thinks this -- I found Fey's humor here a bit uneven. I just read The Blogess' book, so my standards are set unfairly high. I don't happen to find about-the-author statements like, "Tina Fey lives in Denver with her ferret, Jacoby" hy-larious. I mean, I live in Santa Monica with two moody lizards. These things happen.

However, Fey gets the full four stars because when she's good, she's brilliant. And she's good a lot. (Great sentence, that one.) She's only written one book, but Goodreads lists, like, a million quotes from her. (I put some there, but other people beat me to plenty of them.)

So: yes, read this. Just read it before you read Jenny Lawson's book, or else maybe three books after.