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Night Shift

Night Shift - Stephen King I reread this because I heard a bunch of references recently to "Children of the Corn" and as long as I was rereading *that*, I figured I'd go all the way.

This collection really stands the test of time. "Children of the Corn" is (still) brilliant, but I think my favorite is (still) "Quitters, Inc."

What I really enjoyed was reading this as an adult and catching the various literary references and influences. Now that I've read plenty of H.P. Lovecraft, I can see that King was practically channeling him. But there are other, more surprising influences. If you've read "David Copperfield," read "The Last Rung On The Ladder" with that in mind -- the story is basically a rewrite of one aspect of D.C.

And there was some unexpected humor. "Sometimes They Come Back" is still a wrenching and terrifying story. But I love the fact that the main character fends off a supernatural attack with the help of a book called "Raising Demons." Sounds scary. But that's the title of one of Shirley Jackson's hilariously funny books about her family. And King was almost as heavily influenced by Jackson as he was by Lovecraft.

This book used to scare the bejabbers out of me. Now it just gives me a pleasant case of the shivers.