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Pink Smog

Pink Smog - Francesca Lia Block Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby are little modern classics of YA lit. I've read some of Block's other books, and they just aren't as strong. I was still excited to see this one, but was disappointed almost immediately -- it's in first person, Block's weakest voice. The story has started to grab me (plus it's a short book) so I'll go ahead and finish it, but can I put in my usual, useless protest regarding books for young readers? I didn't like vividly disgusting descriptions when *I* was a young reader, and I don't like them any better now. There seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that YA authors have to repulse their readers at least once, and I'm quite literally sick of it. And yes, I'm bringing it up because Pink Smog has been guilty as charged, weakening an already fragile story.

--Just finished. Would have been a lot better if she hadn't tacked on a cornball psychic ending.